The classes will educate all members on the importance of balance, technique, timing, 

range, making rhythm yourself, precision, foot work and much more. Part of the educational block will 

include stretching and massage techniques, proper nutrition, and how to increase cardiovascular 


Classes are roughly 2 hours. It will consist of a thirty (30) minute run prior to any training. This can also 

mean going for a group run, skipping rope or bouncing on a tire.  

After returning from the warm-up, the members will cool down, hydrate and prepare for shadow boxing 

instruction. A great deal of balance, coordination and control is required to effectively execute and flash 

each technique while flowing to the next, so during this time, members will be carefully observed and 

corrected by the teacher.  

After shadow boxing, members will partner with each other and work on pad drills (kicks, punches, 

elbows, knees, clinch) given by the teacher in a controlled format or an “open round” format. Bag work 

and partner drills are also incorporated into the classes on certain days. Each member will get a total of 3 

to 5 rounds on pads. Availability to test your skills will be performed after pad work, partner drills and/or 

bag work is completed by gathering all members and organizing a “round robin” technical sparring/ 

clinching structure. This is a great way to apply what you have learned. There are many benefits gained 

from sparring, but most importantly, it will teach you control.  

Finally, to complete your training session the members will finish together as a team with skip knees on 

the bag, sprint kicks and a few bodyweight exercises. The type of exercises do change from time to time 

which is based on teacher discretion.  

Final note- Nothing will prepare you for Muay Thai other than training Muay Thai. Be patient with 

yourself and allow time for your body to adjust to the training. We never force anyone to participate in 

sparring, clinching or competition if they do not wish. The program is set in place for those who wish to 

push themselves hard and excel to the next level. If you need to take a break during the class, then take 

a break. When you are ready to jump back in, then jump back in. We are here to help you learn during 

class and feel comfortable while training and achieve the goals you may have.